Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Changing development environment

Due to a couple of reasons, but mainly because my computer has been reinstalled, I had to setup a new development environment for my LegLogger web application. My choice was to either continue using myeclipse, or to install a plain eclipse. My choice fell on plain eclipse because it’s free and I don’t get too many functions I won’t use. The setup of my different Android projects was no problem but the web application were more troublesome.
I realized that creating a web application with myeclipse (as I did some years ago when I first created the LegLogger web) is very easy and the environment do have some nice features that are missing from the plain eclipse. However, and this is the main problem I think, you don’t get the full control of which jar packages are needed and used by the application. Sure, it’s nice to click “Use Hibernate” and everything just works, but then you don’t know which packages are required for Hibernate to work.
So I had to spend a couple of hours figuring out which packages was needed for Struts, Hibernate, Facebook and other functions or frameworks used by my web application.
Lesson learned: Think carefully before deciding which development environment to use. Maybe it’s a good idea not to have too many helpers and wizards.

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